“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” by Eleanor Roosevelt


Favorite bands / musical artists:

Big Bang , 2NE1 , One Ok Rock , Kat-tun , 30stm , him , nightwish ,FTisland , enrique iglesias

Favorite movies:

the lord of the rings , harry potter , crows zero , The Hobbit,A Better Tomorrow,The King and the Clown

Favorite TV shows/dramas:

Running Man ( South Korean variety show) , Once Upon a time , Sleepy Hollow,Arrow, Bridal Mask , Empress Ki , Lan Ling Wang,My Love From Another Star

Favorite actors &actresses:

Joo Won , Joo Jin Mo ,jang hyuk, feng shao feng,johnny depp ,leonardo dicaprio ,ha ji won ,song ji hyo

Favorite writers:

J. R. R. Tolkien

I Love:

sweets,chocolate, vanilla, new zealand,animals,nature,green,winter ,Christmas,rainy days , to sleep , to dream ,to draw
( Leessang - TV를 껐네... (feat. t윤미래, 권정열 Of 10cm) )

Leessang - turn off the tv 

A peaceful song from the new album Asura balbata (2011).

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